About us

Negentropics Artificial Intelligence Ltd. develops text-analyzing and -evaluating software based on self-developed semantic technology.

Our startup was founded in 2015 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs with linguistic, medical and legal background.

Our team carries out both basic and applied research in NLP. We develop our own cutting edge cloud-based search engine and related applications based on the latest technologies available.

The core of our technology is a completely new linguistic-mathematical model of the semantics and grammar of natural languages created by our researchers.

Our application ‘learns to understand’ texts based on their content. It is able to evaluate them, group them, recognize similarities and seek for texts with similar content. The model is simple and easily trainable, requires low computational resources and is completely language-independent.

Although we are living in an online information flood, there are many situations when we are not able to find the right piece, get the knowledge we need for decision making, or be/remain updated in a fast-changing business area.

Our product that has been built around people’s knowledge/information gathering needs allows deep exploring and recognition or continuous following of a certain - even a very complex – topic. It is possible in a fast and automated way, thanks to our intelligent virtual tool. It can learn quickly, then collect and structure substantial news/information, continuously refreshing them online, allowing the user to get deep knowledge or stay up-to-date on that topic.

Our product helps people and companies to access relevant information real-time and transform it to competitive knowledge by using AI that understands their needs and can narrow down the endless pile of information to the essential pieces. Currently we work together with top consulting companies, banks and real estate developers.

We are passionately committed to achieving international success with our cutting-edge technology.

Our Budapest based office - located in pulsating downtown - deals with all features that provide a good atmosphere for creative, effective work. We are constantly developing and are open to new technologies in a growing field of AI.


Slamby – language independent document classification solutions

Slamby provides language independent document classification solutions with the highest accuracy on a dedicated server that allows companies easily classify and manage their documents.

The Slamby text classification application allows you to automatically categorize new incoming unknown texts according to a pre-designed and trained classification structure.

Areas of Application: classification of ads, e-mail management with automatic classification, categorization of documents (e.g. classification of CVs).

Should you need more information, visit Slamby website: www.slamby.com